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GPS receiver modules from NavSync GPS receiver modules from NavSync
GPS receiver modules from NavSync
GPS receiver modules from NavSync
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What's New at NavSync!

- Xenith TBR module: The Xenith TBR module is a GPS driven, mixed-signal phase lock loop, providing a 1PPS CMOS output and generating a 10MHz SINE output from an intrinsically low jitter voltage controlled crystal oscillator. The 10Mhz output is disciplined from an on-board GPS receiver, which drives the long term frequency stability. The on board GPS receiver at the core of the Xenith TBR is the highly successful and well established CW25 timing receiver. This GPS engine along with a dual oven system provides the highest quality timing and synchronization signals combined with superb holdover characteristics.
- GPS Module CW46S: The CW46S GPS sensor is a fully inte­grated module that includes a CW25 GPS receiver, DC/DC converter, RS232 or RS422 interface options and active GPS antenna --- all housed in a small weatherproof (IP67 rated) enclosure. The CW46S can be easily mounted on a pole or wall (bracket available).
- New Rugged Wi-Fi Terminus NT-220LT: The new rugged NT-220LT combines state-of-the art 16 channel GPS receiver technology with 802.11 Wi-Fi transport protocol. Incorporating NavSync's own ultra-sensitive navigational GPS receiver, the NT-220LT provides Wi-Fi transportation of standard, user configurable NMEA information in a rugged aluminum enclosure. The 802.11 b/g compliant Wi-Fi supports WPA2 encryption and is fully configurable to virtually any Wi-Fi network.
- NavSync's Newest Product: NavSync's new CW47 offers an all-encompassing solution for the next generation of mobile network synchronization requirements With the ability to provide synchronization in weak signal areas, the CW47 proves to be a highly effective, low cost solution for E1/T1 synchronization, indoor timing, urban canyon installation and remote site location applications.
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- NavSync's Newest Enclosed, Fully Integrated GPS Timing module based on our popular CW25-TIM GPS Timing Engine:
- WiFi-enabled GPS - The new CW85 GPS Broadcaster with integrated GPS receiver and 802.11 transmitter provides location broadcasts over WiFi. Product Brief  Data Sheet
- CW12-TIM GPS receiver module based on our CW25-TIM GPS Timing Engine. Can be used to replace Motorola M12+ Oncore GPS receiver product line. Data Sheet
- NavSync offers Contract Manufacturing capabilities from prototype needs to production level runs. Press Release
- Easi-NAV GPS receiver for consumer use, enabling any device with USB to work as a tracking device. Product Brief
- Parthus Legacy GPS replacement products and support.

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