GPS receiver modules for OEMs 
GPS receiver modules from NavSync GPS receiver modules from NavSync
GPS receiver modules from NavSync
GPS receiver modules from NavSync
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  GPS Timing Solutions for Precise Timing and Synchronization Applications

NavSync designs and manufactures GPS based Timing Solutions with all of the functionality required to provide reference monitoring and selection, filtering, synthesis, and control. Our array of GPS Timing products are specifically designed for all precision timing and synchronization applications.

- GPS Timing (AN003) Notes
Assisted GPS receivers for low signal environment such as indoors

NavSync designs and manufactures state of the art Assisted GPS receiver modules that are based on a unique chipset solution running on specialized software. NavSync technology enables the tracking and acquiring objects and personnel in areas normally impossible for standard GPS receivers.

NavSync Assisted GPS receivers cannot only track, but also acquire satellites under very harsh signal conditions such as indoor applications and severe urban canyons.

The technology used for both of these market sectors is explained in more detail in the following Application Notes:

- Indoor GPS (AN001) Notes
- Network Assist (AN002) Notes

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