GPS receiver modules for OEMs 
GPS receiver modules from NavSync GPS receiver modules from NavSync
GPS receiver modules from NavSync
GPS receiver modules from NavSync
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    Sharpe XR6 GPS
The Sharpe XR6 provides highly accurate GPS positioning for rugged environments including shipboard, airborne and field vehicular installations. This product has been widely deployed on range tracking systems and battle assessment platforms.

Product Brief


    DR-5 UHF Transceiver
The DR-5 works in coordination with the Sharpe XR6 for delivery of DGPS accuracy in rugged environments. It receives RTCM SC-104 messages and transmits positional information down the same data link.

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    GTR Mushroom Antennas/DCD-LPR-G
NavSync's Mushroom Antennas utilize GPS L1 carrier frequency signals and timing to provide GPS synchronization to modules and receivers. The mushroom antennas have proven reliability and provide optimum signal quality through a design focused on low noise within the unit, high gain from the receiver, and integration of the antenna element and GPS receiver. NavSync's Mushroom Antennas are compatible with Symmetricom's DCD 523 Digital Clock Distribution Network Synchronization System.



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