GPS receiver modules for OEMs 
GPS receiver modules from NavSync GPS receiver modules from NavSync
GPS receiver modules from NavSync
GPS receiver modules from NavSync
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    GPS Module: MS20
The MS20 GPS module is a highly sensitive, compact single chip solution for GPS applications. It includes an RF receiver, complete baseband processor, Flash memory and a power control unit. The RF receiver uses a single conversion low-IF digital architecture, with the high-level integration leaving a few off-chip matching and decoupling components, minimizing system cost. The baseband processor is controlled by adaptive signal processing, and the navigation firmware is optimized for execution on a low power microprocessor.

Optimal signal acquisition and tracking strategy are enabled by sophisticated adaptive control algorithms. Sophisticated adaptive control algorithms provide optimal signal acquisition/tracking strategy.

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    CW25 Evaluation Kit
The CW25 Evaluation Kit is a complete development platform for the CW25 GPS receiver (CW25). It is comprised of the CW25 Evaluation Board and peripherals that support its operation. The CW25 is a small size OEM module specifically designed for use in weak signal GPS environments and where there is a requirement for highly accurate timing.

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