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GPS receiver modules from NavSync GPS receiver modules from NavSync
GPS receiver modules from NavSync
GPS receiver modules from NavSync
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    GPS Module: CW47
The CW47 is a GPS timing reference with an integrated antenna that enables synchronization for externally available T1 and E1. Based on the CW25 GPS timing receiver, NavSync's CW47 outputs an E1 G703 2.048 Mbps signal from a rugged, outdoor mountable housing to provide a reliable timing reference for mobile networks. The CW47 can also provide an E1 G.703 2.048 MHz clock or a T1 G.703 1.544 Mbps signal.

The CW47 GPS receiver can track satellites down to -155 dBm and autonomously acquire satellite signal levels as low as -143 dBm. With the ability to provide synchronization in weak signal areas, the CW47 proves to be a highly effective, low cost solution for E1 synchronization, T1 synchronization, indoor timing, urban canyon installation and remote site location applications.

CW47 User Manual


    GPS Module: CW46
NavSync's CW46 is the newest GPS fully integrated timing sensor module designed specifically for acquiring and tracking satellites in weak signal areas.


    GPS Module: CW25-TIM
The CW25-TIM is a complete GPS receiver module in surface mount format with the ability to output a frequency that is steered by GPS and is programmable between 10Hz to 10MHz. The CW25-TIM can either be programmed to output this frequency in live tracking mode or to enter a Position Hold mode of operation that allows even greater accuracy of the output frequency as well as maintaining timing with only one satellite in view.
For details of more highly integrated GPS Timing Modules that include OCXO oscillators for holdover capability and/or the ability to conform to telecom standards, please contact the factory + 353 61 475 666 or
Product Brief  Datasheet
CW25-TIM User Manual


    GPS Module: CW12-TIM
The CW12-TIM was developed as a replacement for the Motorola M12+ OncoreĀ®. Utilizing the same footprint and signature NavSync signal acquisition and tracking strengths, the CW12-TIM provides enhanced timing performance of the M12+. A standard suite of binary codes are available and custom development is also supported.
CW12-TIM User Manual


      Xenith TBR Module
The Xenith TBR module is a GPS driven, mixed-signal phase lock loop, providing a 1PPS CMOS output and generating a 10MHz SINE output from an intrinsically low jitter voltage controlled crystal oscillator. The 10Mhz output is disciplined from an on-board GPS receiver, which drives the long term frequency stability. The on board GPS receiver at the core of the Xenith TBR is the highly successful and well established CW25 timing receiver. This GPS engine along with a dual oven system provides the highest quality timing and synchronization signals combined with superb holdover characteristics.


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